Best Of Tucson®

Best Vietnamese

Miss Saigon

There Miss Saigon sits, all nonchalant, showing no external sign that the Vietnamese food served inside has swept the Best of Tucson® awards for many years running. What does it take to wow Tucson diners year after year? Delicious spring rolls with fresh vegetables peeking through their opaque wrappers. Big bowls of pho—noodle soup made with beef broth—served with a pile of tender basil, bean sprouts, lime and other fresh things. Vegetarian dishes, fried catfish, steak, chicken, curry, pork chops and Cornish game hen. Still got room? Wash it all down with a tapioca-pearl-filled boba tea or a rich Vietnamese coffee, and there you have what makes Miss Saigon Tucson's favorite Vietnamese restaurant year after year.

Runners up:

2. Ha Long Bay

6304 E. Speedway Blvd.


3. Pho 88

2744 N. Campbell Ave.