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Casa Video

2905 E. Speedway

Casa Video is one of those places that just makes you love Tucson. Choosing a movie online just isn't the same as roaming the aisles of a video store, inspecting the cases and coming across long-lost wonders and tantalizing new mysteries. You might even come across that movie you watched over and over again in sixth grade, but then totally forgot about. While perusing the movie selections, from cult classics to new releases, grab a free bag of movie-style popcorn. Owned by brother and sister video buffs, Casa Video employs seasoned movie nerds who can offer superb recommendations. And if you need a break from deciding which awesomeness you'll bring home, take in a movie and a beer at their cozy bar. They also have lots of fun events to check out, including coloring and beer night, supernatural trivia night or the Star Trek monthly meetup. (Don't worry, the latter two also involve beer.)

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