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Best Video Store

Casa Video

The perennial winner in the Best Video Store category, Casa Video takes it again--but who else would you vote for, really? Every city should be so lucky to have a video store with such a vast and varied collection; thank goodness Casa is ours--and we're keeping it. The store itself is a bit ragged, and that's great: It's the perfect counterpoint to the absurdly bright and shiny, halogen-lit chain stores. Check out the terrific collection of music DVDs and videos upstairs, the anime section, the directors' section, the games, the adult section, the films from Poland. Browse while munching on free popcorn, and rent something you've never heard of on a whim, because you like the cover. It's a Casa Video experience.

Runners up:

2. Blockbuster Video, Various locations,

3. TIE

Hollywood Video, Various locations,


Vote of note: "the public library"