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Casa Video

In the beginning, it was the size of a neighborhood candy store. Back in 1983, founders Raymond and Gala Mellenberndt built their inventory, stocking foreign, classics, documentaries, independent, cult, experimental and plain old hard-to-find flicks. When Blockbuster and Hollywood Video invaded, Casa didn't cave. Instead, they closed their tiny Grant and Campbell store and expanded their Speedway location. Now, they fill 8,000 square feet with 40,000 DVDs, videos, audio books and video games. They've mixed the DVDs and VHS tapes so Luddites and hi-tech types rub elbows. It's impossible to browse without a bag o' free popcorn. Someone's always zombied out in front of the flat screen showing a surfing documentary or Mommie Dearest or an early Nicole Kidman film. Every small-screen fan is satisfied here.

Runners up:

2. Blockbuster Video, Various locations

3. Hollywood Video, Various locations

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