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Best Venue for Soccer Fans

Trident Grill

The Trident's cachet soared when the Navy SEALS got bin Laden. All of those guys reportedly drank and ate at the Trident, named for the SEALS' insignia—and Trident owner Nelson Miller helped train them. The former SEAL from Maryland commandeers some of the freshest, best-prepared seafood in Tucson. And it's no surprise that the place is loaded with Washington Redskins paraphernalia. But few would have predicted that it would become the home base for local fans of World Cup soccer. Ultimately, the bar spawned the homegrown-hooligans American Outlaws chapter; the members gather at Trident to cheer on both men's and women's teams. Want to talk about the possibility of bringing national soccer teams here for spring training? This is the place to do it.