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Best Veggie Burger

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant

We wouldn't have quite as much praise for this place if we knew it only by its corny name. Luckily, we've dined here and, like all you readers who've voted its veggie burger the best for several years in a row, the restaurant's name has become simply a synonym for awesome (vegan) organic eats. Ah, that veggie burger... or shall we say burgers? There's the Route 66 bacon cheeseburger ("bacon" and "cheeseburger" need quotes, of course); the classic, the Southwest burger and more. A new option: The "S.N.I.P. Burger," a tribute to the Spay/Neuter Intervention Project—as the menu says, "to remind everyone to spay/ neuter our four-legged friends!"(Let's not think about the name of that burger ... we're sure it's awesome too.)


2. Monkey Burger

3. Veg in a Box