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Best Veggie Burger

Oasis Vegetarian Eatery and Food Company

The search for a perfect veggie burger is an oxymoronic journey, a kind of karmic backflip. Reformed carnivores still sometimes want meat, thus the quest for the best-disguised plant materials. The seeds of success for the quixotic meat-like Oasis burger, according to Executive Chef Robert Oser, is seed itself: hemp and sunflower seeds, to be exact. Ground to a fine paste, with rice flour binding and spices, the patties take on a smooth consistency like triple-ground hamburger. Then, it's baked to avoid the trauma of frying. Choose either the Magic Oasis Burger or the Hemp 4 Victory Burger and dress it up with non-dairy mayo, real or soy cheese, onions and a variety of other toppings. Your taste buds will hardly notice the lack of bovine protein, but you'll live better in this life and in your next incarnation.

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