Best Of Tucson®

Best Vegetarian/Vegan

Lovin' Spoonfuls

"Against All Odds," Lovin' Spoonfuls has survived and thrived on Campbell Avenue's ultra-competitive restaurant row. Featuring a globe-hopping menu, from American to Middle Eastern to multiple Asian cuisines, Lovin' Spoonfuls offers a food court's worth of choices—all without meat. Making textured soy and tofu palatable and even flavorful for visiting carnivores takes skill and just a little magic. It doesn't hurt that owner/founder/den mother Peggy Raisglid has a Ph.D. in chemistry. The elegant wood and brick décor, in reddish tans and rich browns, adds a zen-like simplicity to the dining experience. There are also gluten-free options offered. Lovin' Spoonfuls makes being socially responsible and environmentally sensitive taste good.

Runners up:

2. Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet

711 E. Blacklidge Drive


3. TIE

Blue Willow

2616 N. Campbell Ave.


Casbah Tea House

No longer in business

Garland Bistro

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