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Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet

Eating at Govinda's is a multi-sensory experience. Outside, there's much to feast your eyes on: a beautiful setting with two aviaries, macaws, doves, a fountain and a koi pond. Inside, there's a delicious buffet with entrées like tamale pie and vegetarian lasagna. The all-you-can-eat buffet menu changes daily and also includes Indian and vegan specialties. Each day, there's salad, bread, rice, soup, pasta, vegetables and deserts. And if you feel good eating the food at Govinda's, there's a reason for that. The cooks engage in meditation and chanting for at least three hours each day. So when they cook, their consciousness is pure. Throw in the fact that that much of the food is organic, and you have an uplifting eating experience, good for the body and soul.

Runners up:

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3. Blue Willow, 2616 N. Campbell Ave., 327-7577

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