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Govinda's Natural Food Buffet

Readers' Pick: The Tack Room it ain't. Still, it's heavenly to have cooks who prepare your meal as if their salvation depends on it. Since 1992, the local branch for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness has been in the Kitchen doing the Lord's work. (Lord Krishna, that is, not the other One.) The appropriately modest and eclectic all-you-can-eat buffet is a unique blend of East and West, i.e. curry flavored vegetable soup, dal pasta entrees, iceberg lettuce salad with chutney and raita dressing. With its unification of neighborhood blue-collar diners and saffron-robed seekers, Govinda's gives new depth to the term "soul food." Best of all, no animals were harmed, which has to be good for the ol' Karma.

Readers' Poll Runner-up: Native Café, 3073 N. Campbell Ave.

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