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Best Vegetarian Take-Out

Oasis Vegetarian Eatery & Food Co.

READERS' PICK: Ain't no way you'll leave the Oasis with an empty bag. No longer a self-serve deli, the Oasis still offers plenty of great take-out food. Vegetarians usually don't have to think a lot when viewing most menus. Not true here. With more than 70 items, this is a menu a vegetarian can cherish and respect. Forget waiting for those salads and burritos at the regular fast-food joints. At the Oasis, you'll wait with anticipation as they prepare such treats as a tuna-less melt, the club, falafel sandwich, veggie supreme, the reuben, veggie meatball sub, and the Famous Oasis Burger, among other selections. Save room for a delicious variety of vegan deserts including an assortment of baklava. Remember, good vegetarian take-out isn't the impossible dream. It's down on the corner of Stone and 14th. Visit the Oasis and taste for yourself.

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