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Best Vegetarian Sushi


Staff Pick: Tucked in a rather unlikely location-the not-so-inviting shopping center on First and Grant-Yamato is regarded by sushi fans in know as the place to dine. Noboru, the amazing sushi chef, creates the most beautiful and delicate meal around. Unlike most sushi joints, Yamato offers its flesh-eschewing guests more than just kappa maki (cucumber roll). Vegetarians swoon after their first bites of the legendary shiitake sushi, and order second and third rounds. The vegetable roll (cucmber, carrot and avacado) is simple and uncompromisingly fresh. There are also several varieties of pickled vegetable sushi, and the inari (soft tofu pouches stuffed with rice) are delicate and just sweet enough. The place gets a little bit packed on weekends, so if you prefer the restaurant to yourself, try a weeknight; Yamato is open Monday night, a rare in the restaurant world.