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Bookman's exemplifies the "highest, best use" principle of property in that instead of rotting away in basements or attics or being thrown in the trash, the books, CDs, computer games, magazines, etc. stocked on its shelves find their way, in inexpensive fashion, to a new appreciator's hands. Furthermore, the sheer volume of stuff at its three Tucson locations makes for an almost sure bet that you'll find something worthwhile every trip you make. And now that DVDs have become ubiquitous and inexpensive, it's a tremendous resource for building a library to rival MGM's. And yet none of this is the best part of the Bookman's experience, which is the satisfaction that comes from unloading something you no longer care about for credit toward something you do. It's "runner's high" for the bargain hunter.

Runners up:

2. Book Stop, 2504 N Campbell Ave., 326-6661

3. Biblio, 222 E. Congress St., 624-8222

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