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Bookman's Used Books, Music & Software

READERS' PICK: Talk about a Tucson institution! Bookman's offers a huge selection, including books, music, magazines, software, video and more in stores as big as warehouses but appointed like funky nightclubs. This year, a third location on East Speedway was added, and we can't say enough about its music-listening stations, a way-cool fountain, countless stacks among which you can lose yourself and tricked-out bathrooms that should be featured on MTV's Cribs.

B-SIDE: Once you've finished browsing the Grant-and-Campbell Bookman's branch, cross the street to Book Stop Used Books, 2504 N. Campbell Ave. This longtime Tucson fixture has a wide selection of well-chosen, well-organized tomes--good lit, biographies, fantasy and science fiction, cooking, travel, erotica, philosophy and some real unusual treasures besides. We especially like browsing some of the old classic paperbacks on the racks near the window while enjoying a scoop of McConnell's ice cream from the neighboring Santa Barbara Ice Creamery. The Book Stop a clean, well-lighted place where you can sit and browse for as long you'd like. Night owls will be happy to hear the store is open to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday.