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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

As a used bookstore, Bookmans has, along with everything else, a sports section. In it, you can look through such sports epics as Phil Jackson's Kobe Bryant Is a Temperamental Jerk but the Lakers Pay Me Way Too Much to Just Walk Away Again and roughly 500 different novels written by John Feinstein. Beyond the sports connection, Bookmans is a legitimately neat place. You don't often find places where entire records are played over the loud speaker, and where you can buy used video games, DVDs, board games and even old issues of magazines like Rolling Stone. So stop by, and read Lute Olson's guide to alienating players and prenuptials (or whatever his book is about).

Runners up:

2. The Book Stop, 214 N. Fourth Ave., 326-6661

3. Mostly Books, 6208 E. Speedway Blvd., 571-0110,