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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

What can we say about Bookmans? It's practically an institution. For one thing, it's huge, with by far the best selection of used books anywhere in town. It also offers CDs, movies, DVDs and video games at very reasonable prices, and it's a great place to bring your old books and music if you need to clean out your den, or if you just need some extra money. All that aside, a lot of people go to Bookmans just to hang out and look intellectual. Make sure to dress nicely when you go--if you're a literary type (or even a Dungeons and Dragons nerd), you might meet your soulmate at the trade counter.

Runners up:

2. Book Stop, 2504 N. Campbell Ave., 326-6661

3. Friends of Tucson-Pima Public Library book sales,

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