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Bookman's Entertainment Exchange

For many years, we've loved the Bookman's location on Grant Road, where one can regularly buy and trade CDs, vinyl albums, magazines, DVDs, video games and, yes, even books, with the aid of a friendly and helpful staff. But have you checked out the location on Speedway? There, a recent score was a killer cassette deck (like new!) for only $25, along with a nifty $40 optical-art sculpture from the gallery room a couple weeks later. On another recent visit, folks could hang out with kittens hoping to be adopted from the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter in the community room. It seems every time someone walks into the place, there's the option of walking out with a handful of stuff--for a fraction of what we would have paid new. We're working our way up to checking out the armoire full of porn, but hey, we've got nothing but time.

Runners up:

2. Book Stop, 2504 N. Campbell Ave., 326-6661
3. Green Fire Books, 925 E. Fort Lowell Road, 408-0677 (now a music and arts collective)