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44 W. Sixth St.

READERS' PICK: When the thrill of conspicuous consumption isn't the fix you need and you long for a simpler life, walk yourself over to Bicycle Inter-Community Action and Salvage (BICAS), and bike away with a whole new attitude. BICAS is not only a great place to pick up a sturdy reconditioned bike (and who doesn't need an extra one or two?), it's a place to be reminded of what great things come to pass with the expression of creative energy. Entering under that bright and colorful welcome mural into the subterranean world of bike delight, you'll see a temple to that most human form of transport, the bicycle: parts and pieces everywhere and people of all ages happily working out their right and left brains on bikes. Some are learning the art of bike maintenance from knowledgeable and patient mechanics. Others are engaged in making functional art out of old parts. Plans are always being hatched to send bikes to those in need and no doubt you'll be able to join a conversation discussing the finer points of world revolution through bicycles. Spend an afternoon in BICAS and you'll come away with more than just a bike. You'll gain a whole new appreciation for things people-powered.

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