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Best Use of Foie Gras

Maynards Market and Kitchen

Say what you will about those wacky French-Canadians, but they sure know how to make their french fries stand out. Some call poutine the national dish of Canada, but we Americans should take note: Poutine puts American fries to shame. Usually, the fries are topped with beef or chicken gravy and cheese curds. Good enough, but Addam Buzzalini, the chef at this downtown fave, spins this dish to the max. He fries the potatoes in peanut oil. (Very French.) The curds are from a local dairy. The gravy is made from duck. He adds duck confit, duck cracklins and then—drum roll, please—bites of foie gras to the top of his sizzling-hot fries. All you need is an ice-cold Canadian beer or a crisp, dry white wine to accompany them. Nirvana!

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