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Anthony's in the Catalinas

In Roaring '20s Manhattan, the chic set dined at Sardi's. In Snoring 2000s Tucson, our equivalent is Anthony's in the Catalinas, which is about as good but with views of the valley instead of celebrity caricatures on the walls. True, the constantly hovering staff can block those spectacular views, but that's part of the experience at Anthony Martino's pride and joy. This is one of the few places in town where you can get such old-school haute cuisine as Chateaubriand, filet mignon and cherries jubilee. You'll compensate for fattening your waistline by lightening your wallet. True, you can send the sommelier to the 1,700-wine cellar for a mere $25 wine, but at least fantasize about dropping the $15,000 it would take to acquire Anthony's top bottle.

Runners up:

2. The Grill at Hacienda del Sol, 5601 N. Hacienda Del Sol Road, 529-3500
3. Vivace, 4310 N. Campbell Ave., 795-7221

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