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Anthony's in the Catalinas

You'll never confuse the cuisine at Anthony's with such midway fare as cotton candy and hot dogs. Crawl into a canon and shoot yourself way over to the other end of the culinary scale to find Anthony's menu. It's Continental, meaning a mixture of classic French and Italian (Chateaubriand, veal scallopine) with the occasional haute-Southwestern interloper, all featuring flavors magnificently balanced and offered alongside the most stupendous wine list in town. Now, a restaurant whose finest appetizer is shrimp wrapped in bacon and served with a cream sauce and vegetable salsa is not a place you'd want to subject your heart, arteries and cellulite to every day. But Anthony's is a superb special-occasion restaurant, one that motivates you to find something special to celebrate as often as possible.

Runners up:

2. Café Terra Cotta, 3500 E. Sunrise Drive

3. TIE Barrio, 135 S. Sixth Ave.

3. TIE Janos, 3770 E. Sunrise Drive

Sign of the impending Apocalypse: Olive Garden (one vote)

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