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Many congress Street businesses have suffered this year, and are struggling to draw Tucsonans as the modern streetcar marches toward completion. Yet Playground has repelled a downtown apocalypse by making itself Tucson's play place for adults. What separates Playground from the rest isn't just its sharp, modern interior; it isn't the DJs who blend classic tunes seamlessly with today's hits; it isn't even the rooftop deck that gives spectacular views of Congress Street. No, Playground's strength is the whimsy that ties it all together: the composition-book-styled menus, the drinks made with Pop Rocks, and the campy movies projected on the outdoor screen. These all make Playground a disarmingly fun place to wait out the Mayan calendar's end.

Runners up:

2. Scott and Co./47 Scott

49 N. Scott Ave.


3. TIE

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

6360 N. Campbell Ave.


Union Public House

4340 N. Campbell Ave., No. 103


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