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Best Upscale Bar Ambiance


There's no Great Recession happening at NoRTH. Things are hopping at this classy foothills watering hole, where those who want to be seen go to mingle with those who have enough money that they don't need to worry about pedestrian concerns like "being seen." Together, these two groups constitute the "in" crowd. The first clue to what may be going on inside could be a canary-yellow Dodge Viper parked out front. Sweet. Inside, the design is tasteful; clothing runs to black; everyone looks airbrushed; and the wait staff is polite and fast. There is glass everywhere, and the place is comfortable in a tasteful, modern way.

Runners up:

2. Scott and Co./47 Scott

49 N. Scott Ave.


3. Sullivan's Steakhouse

1785 E. River Road


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