Best Of Tucson®

Best Upscale Bar Ambiance

Sullivan's Steak House

The crossroads of River Road and Avenue Campbell frame all things reflecting Tucson's wealth on the move. Deeply tanned women with perfect blonde highlights scan the movers and shakers and real-estate makers while sipping Grey Goose vodka martinis in the clubby bar setting of polished mahogany wood, plush vinyl studded seating and a larger-than-life '40s prize-fighting mural around the perimeter of the room. Wealthy masculinity pervades the air along with cigarette smoke and expensive perfume--a high roller cocktail of sorts. Swing and jazzy jazz CDs blare, making meaningful conversation impossible ... maybe that's the point. Every night, a live jazz combo lets its fingers carouse over the keyboard. A magnet for music or an electric rendez-vous? Anything is possible.

Runner up:

Barrio Grill, 135 S. Sixth Ave.