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Best TV Ad Campaign

Anti-Smoking Ads

READERS' PICK: We're not exactly sure which one the voters meant on this. Could they be referring to the running-total campaign where electronic signs keep track of stats? Or perhaps the smelly, teeth-staining, puking, black-socks-and-sandals-wearing habit aimed at teens. For adult smokers it could be the "Chuck" ads, as in, "Hi, I'm Chuck. I guess I'm about one of the luckiest actors in the whole state of Arizona. My agent in Phoenix wanted me to do an episode of Pets on Parade but, hey, I'm allergic to cats. So now I'm an icon for the lung on the street, the average Joe, as in Camel, and you see me more often than you see the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Why do I do it, you ask? Yo quiero muy dinero."