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Café Poca Cosa

Readers' pick: On the back wall of chef Suzana Davila's Café Poca Cosa is a set of articles, beautifully framed, from the lights of the New York Times and Gourmet extolling the virtues of her kitchen. And for good reason: Davila is a master of Mexican regional cuisine, and her fine touch shows in the exquisite food she and her staff produce. The results might, at first, seem a little pricey, but are worth every cent, and with a constantly changing menu that reflects the best of what's available in the market, Poca Cosa is the place to go to show your friends and visitors that Mexican food is not confined to tacos and refried beans.

Readers' Poll Runer-up: Rosa's Mexican Food, 1750 E. Fort Lowell Road. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. For 28 years we've been ordering the chile rellenos, beans, and rice dinner known as the Number 9 at Rosa's. Two roasted and peeled chiles are stuffed with cheese, cooked in an egg batter, and covered with their special white sauce. It surely is the stuff of dreams. When the restaurant was located in a small space with only a few tables and a counter near Speedway and Campbell, Rosa herself cooked the meals. Since the place has moved and grown like a beanstalk, it is always hopping with happy customers surrounded by a colorful décor and Rosa herself supervising the super-efficient service. Everyone feels at home at this neighborhood restaurant. Starting the meal with their famous margaritas and ending with sopapillas and honey are the perfect ways to complete the festivities.