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Best Tres Leches Cake


Le Cave's Bakery, 1219 S. Sixth Ave.

What do you do if the most beautiful of the trapeze artists is having a birthday, and you have invited the entire flying mob to your house for the party? Go to Le Cave's Bakery on Sixth Avenue, famous for doughnuts, and get the tres leches cake. It is a favorite festive cake from Mexico. There are regional variations, but all have the three milks in its name. Typically, it is condensed milk, evaporated milk and half-and-half cream. At Le Cave's, we've been told, it is sweet milk, sweeter milk and the sweetest milk. You can get an entire cake for a birthday party. If you're curious or in need of a secret snack, there are individual cakes with caramel topping.

Restaurante Pura Vida, 15930 N. Oracle Road

Our staff, made up of slovenly writers who share a love of cake, had to agree to disagree on this whole tres leches business. While some liked Le Cave's dessert the best, others liked Pura Vida's divine delight. Located way the hell up Oracle, seemingly halfway to Phoenix, it's worth the drive for the tres leches. White cake soaked in three spiced milks (but you knew that already), Pura Vida's tres leches is sweet, soft and damn near orgasmic.