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Best Tortillas

St. Mary's Mexican Food

Seeing how we Tucsonans love our Mexican food, there is perhaps no food as important to us as the tortilla. In fact, it is imperative--of the utmost importance--that tortillas are made right. After all, it is the foundation upon which most Mexican meals are built, and if you get that part right, anything is possible. In all honesty, the difference between a good and bad tortilla is quite a serious affair, and with Tucsonans voting St. Mary's Mexican Food as the best, you can take it to the bank they're good, 'cause we don't joke about such things around here.

Runners up:

2. Anita Street Market, 849 N. Anita Ave.882-5280,

3. Alejandro's Tortilla Factory, 5330 S. 12th Ave.889-2279,