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Best Tortillas

St. Mary's Mexican Food

Again and again, this westside spot wins in this category, and with good reason: The tortillas are warm, soft and huge! The only way you could make anything close at home is if you had a nana in your kitchen. They also make gorditas, the smaller, slightly thick version. No corn tortillas, though, but that really doesn't matter. All the other foodstuffs are great here as well. The carne seca is killer, and people have been known to pack quarts of the stuff to all parts of the United States. For years, it was cash and carry here, but recently, St. Mary's has added the option of paying with your debit and credit cards, so you can buy to your heart's content.

Runners up:

2. Alejandro's Tortilla Factory and Bakery, 5330 S. 12th Ave., 889-2279,

3. TIE

Anita Street Market, 849 N. Anita Ave., 882-5280

Tania's Flour Tortillas and Mexican Food, 2856 W. Drexel Road, 883-1595

Unclear on the concept vote: "Sprouted whole grain"