Best Of Tucson®

Best Tortillas

St. Mary's Mexican Food

Maybe it was our calling the building nondescript last year-when St. Mary's won Best Tortilla honors-that inspired the owners to repaint their building. Today, St. Mary's is a brightly colored edifice and impossible to miss on St. Mary's Road. If you overlook this place, maybe you should surrender your driver's license. The tortillas here are fresh and chewy and come in two sizes: large and medium. Buy a dozen of the large ones, a quart of the killer carne seca and some beans to take home, and you'll have enough food to feed a family of four-and then some. Inside dining is also available. No credit or debit cards, but checks are accepted.

Runners up:

2. Anita Street Market, 849 N. Anita Ave., 882-5280

3. El Grande Tortilla Factory, 914 N. Grande Ave., 622-8338