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St. Mary's Mexican Food

St. Mary's is one of those nondescript-looking local venues that winds up being cited in national guides to authentic dining. This converted residence does a steady business with tasty breakfast burritos in the morning and affordable combination plates the rest of the day and evening. The handmade tortillas are fresh, moist and chewy. Part of the appeal is that St. Mary's makes their tortillas slightly thicker than most places. Prices are only $2.25 for a dozen small tortillas and $2.75 for the larger version. If you're traveling in the neighborhood of St. Mary's Hospital or Pima College's West Campus, duck in for a take-out meal (on-premise dining space is limited) and pick up a package of warm, floppy tortillas at the same time. St. Mary's handmade product brings out the magical realism to be found when you mix a little flour, water, lard and love.

Runners up:

2. Tania's, 2856 W. Drexel Road, 614 N. Grande Ave.

3. Alejandro's, 5330 S. 12th Ave.

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Taco Bell (two votes)

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