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Best Toasted Sandwiches

The Cheba Hut

Located in a building that's old enough to have been a speakeasy back in the day, this place has killer toasted sandwiches in 4- , 8- and 12-inch sizes. Chicken, meatball and even veggie sandwiches are all magnificent in size and taste. Alas, the inside of the place looks like it was decorated by a stoner with a $12 budget. The entire place looks like a shrine to another illegal substance that came a few decades after bathtub gin. Bob Marley posters, mentions of Cypress Hill, druggie references--they're all wince-inducing, but doggone it, the sandwiches are spectacular. And for dessert (which they indelicately call "munchies"), they have home-made Rice Krispie treats that are bigger than José Ibarra's ego.