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Best Thing About Theater in Tucson

There's So Darn Much of It

No, not all of the theater presented in Southern Arizona is good. Some of it is mediocre, and a wee bit is downright stinky-bad. Most theater groups are nonprofits with tiny budgets—but that doesn't necessarily translate into a lack of unique identity or limited artistic vision. Thanks to numerous companies—from the venerable, dependable Invisible Theatre and the regional Arizona Theatre Company, to new kids on the block like E+A Productions and the Winding Road Theater Ensemble—a production is pounding the boards somewhere in town just about every week of the year. And that doesn't even include presenters of traveling productions like Broadway in Tucson and UApresents. There are many who judge a community by the health of its artistic community, and the impressive presence of theaters—in quantity and quality—is evidence of a heart beating strong in the Old Pueblo.

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