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Best Theatrical Gimmick

Scratch-and-Sniff Theater at The Great American Trailer Park Musical

In today's multimedia world, theater may seem low-tech and old fashioned—but unlike film and television, theater has been performed in high definition 3-D from day one. This year, Arizona Onstage Productions even moved live theater boldly into the fourth dimension! Through the magic of scratch-and-sniff technology, the company produced a musical that you can smell. At the trash-tastic production of The Great American Trailer Park Musical, each program was accompanied by a beautifully printed card with six scented stickers cued up to key moments in the show. The adventures of the fine ladies at Armadillo Acres trailer court were accompanied not just by music, but by the wafting aromas of suntan lotion, pine cleaner, burning rubber and other odors far more mysterious.