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Char's Thai

Some of the best Thai you can find outside of southeast Asia is right here in our beloved Old Pueblo. Char's Thai has fresh, classic, and delicious Thai dishes from top to bottom of their menu. Even patrons who have spent time in mother Thailand rave about this quaint little restaurant located in the strip mall on Fifth Street just west of Rosemont. This is no wimpy Thai food either; order your dish "Thai Spicy" and it will have you levitating higher than Criss Angel. Have no fear, wash it down with an ice-cold Singha beer to make that chili burn disappear. Check out the cool, unique table decorations while you wait for your fragrant curry.

Runners up:

2. Karuna's Thai Plate

1917 E. Grant Road


3. Bangkok Cafe

2511 E. Speedway Blvd.


—Wait, what?: One vote for "Printer's Ink STAIN"

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