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Seven Cups

The staff at Seven Cups have a way of making you feel dainty and elegant while you're sipping and pinky lifting at their small, yet gorgeous abode. Surrounded by intricate wooden lattices and walls of classy teacups and kettles for sale, Seven Cups provides a welcome home for both the beginner and seasoned tea lovers. The staff is knowledge about Chinese teas and snacks, and can confidently guide you and your taste buds in the right direction. The presentation is lovely: colorful teakettles and tiny treats served on white, ceramic leaves. The staff is always eager to pour more hot water into your teakettle, as if drawing a bath for a mouse. And, surprisingly, even in such a tiny kettle, it seems like it takes awhile for the hot water to runneth over.

Runners up:

2. Chantilly Tea Room and Gift Boutique

5185 N. Genematas Drive


3. Amelia Grey's Cafe and Catering

3073 N. Campbell Ave.


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