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Best-Tasting Local Brew

Dragoon Brewing Co.

Dragoon Brewing has had the kind of auspicious start that homebrewers can only dream of, as they've gone from offering beer out of their tap room two days a week to selling their brews at restaurants around Tucson and winning Hotel Congress' Born and Brewed Tucson Beer Cup. And the truth is, their original beers, the Session Ale and the IPA, are still among their best offerings. Still, the folks at Dragoon continue to experiment by barrel-aging their beers, trying out new styles and recipes and working out new techniques. The work has paid off as well, as they're collaborating with one of the biggest microbreweries in the game, New Belgium Brewery, to create a new beer in time for the Tucson Beer Festival.

Runners up:

2. Borderlands Brewing Co.

119 E. Toole Ave.


3. Nimbus Brewing Company

3850 E. 44th St.