Best Of Tucson®

Best Tarascan Tacos

La Indita

While the competition is less than fierce, La Indita kicks major superhero butt in this category. From the restaurant's Michoacán Tarascan Indian heritage come Tarascan tacos—made of thick corn masa and sealed in a half-moon shape, before being lightly pan-fried. The texture is soft and fluffy, but with a slight crispiness. Inside, the tacos are stuffed to the brim with a choice of beans, cheese and spinach-and-nuts, or meats like smoky carne asada; spicy, stewed beef; or peppery, shredded chicken. Plus, if you ask, the friendly waiters will tell you stories about the history of the Tarascan taco itself. In the old days, women filled up baskets full of these homemade tacos and brought them to their hard-at-work husbands for lunch. Now that's amor.