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Best Take-Out


Ringmaster-chef Doug Levy, a veteran of The Dish and Boccata, finally pitched his own tent a few years ago and gave his little food circus the only logical name: Feast Tasteful Takeout. You don't have to take the food home with you, because a few tables are tucked into the front room, along with racks of good wines, vinegars, cookies, mustards and other culinary sideshows. But much of the fun lies in dashing off with a bag full of little white pint and half-pint boxes, with heating instructions carefully written on each one. The menu changes monthly and might include barbecued ribs or vaguely Asian chicken or inventive and not even remotely Italian-tasting pasta, not to mention captivating and complex vegetable side dishes and salads. Peanuts and popcorn, this ain't.

Runners up:

2. Pizza Hut, Various locations

3. Oasis Vegetarian Eatery and Food Company, 375 S. Stone Ave.