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La Salsa

1800 E. Ft. Lowell Road 4861 E. Grant Road 7090 N. Oracle Road

READERS' PICK: Your investigative work at La Salsa begins during a lull in the proceedings."Fresh Mexican Grill" is what the sign says, and that's certainly undeniable, as your order hits the grill the minute the words leave your mouth. However, the phrase "gourmet burritos" seems a bit suspect, one of those oxymorons like "compassionate conservative" or "highway workers," but, according to the eyewitness accounts of your coworkers, they pull it off. You call ahead to order on your cell phone while the bailiff calls the court to order. Your client gets five years with time already served and you get the Cancun Shrimp Burrito, which comes with 10 shrimp served with a mango salsa. Finally, after a swift drive, yet still well within allowable safety limits as determined by local authorities, you taste the evidence that will surely bring swift acquittal without having to produce that writ of habeus fajitas.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Vega's, 3156 E. Ft. Lowell Road. Head east on Ft. Lowell to check out the latest engineering marvel in town, how we were able to cut a swath through the desert so that people could get to Craycroft quicker without having to do all that dreadful four-way stop stuff. Then, to ease your anger on the way home, stop by Vega's and pick up something to make you feel all better. Specialties of the house revolve around chicken and include the Chicken Veracruz with a lime and salsa marinade and the Margarita Chicken, which is spicy and salty, but not alcoholic. Vega's is truly unique and proves that you don't have to be on South Fourth Avenue with furniture that no one trusts to be an outstanding Mexican restaurant.