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Best Taco Stand

El Guero Canelo

This open-air taco stand is the real thing. The carne asada is perfect, fresh off the grill, well-cooked, but still tender inside. Order it in a burrito or, for a special treat, in a caramelo (kind of like a meaty quesadilla). Now comes the real pleasure--head to the condiment bar for freshly sliced cucumber, blackened spring onions and charred hot peppers. Wash it all down with a Coke in a bottle. It's ridiculously satisfying. If you're lucky, you may see El Guero Canelo himself, asking if you enjoyed your meal. At the very least, you can catch a glimpse of his freckled face smiling gleefully from the side of the restaurant's van as you haul your well-stuffed belly across the parking lot.