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Best Sushi

Sushi Garden

Sushi is one the best things to eat on a hot day in Tucson. There's something about the blend of fish, rice and seaweed that is both filling and soothing without being, well, hot. And Sushi Garden's take on traditional maki, nigiri, and their signature rolls is always fresh, delicious and just the right size. (We hate it when rolls are so big that you can't fit the pieces in your mouth.) The SG roll (SG stands for Sushi Garden, of course) is always a show-stopper, and the New Orleans roll, with deep-fried spicy crawfish, is a brilliant combination of spicy, salty, sweet, crispy and moist.

Runners up:

2. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, 2905 E. Skyline Drive, 615-3970,

3. SushiMatsu, 2660 N. Campbell Ave., 320-1574,