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Two memories of Sushi-Ten visits stick out in the mind of a friend. One involves fishnet stockings and fake eyelashes. (We hang out with some strange people.) The other memory was of a meal he and his father had with a finicky, 300-pound, yacht-owning uncle from New York, who considers himself a sushi connoisseur. He ordered up all sorts of crazy things, going so far as to request stuff that wasn't even on the menu. The uncle's ravenous hunger was sated by sushi he dubbed up to snuff, and Dad was pleased with the bill. The uncle went on to break the passenger-side seat in the family minivan. What a ringing endorsement! Of course, the friend was unsurprised to learn Sushi-Ten had been voted Best Sushi for seven consecutive years.

Runners up:

2. Sushi Hama, 3971 N. Oracle Road, 888-6763; 7153 E. Tanque Verde Road, 546-9854;

3. Sushimatsu, 2660 N. Campbell Ave., 320-1574,

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