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Best Sushi


For a dusty desert burg, Tucson has a pretty competitive sushi scene. And for the fifth year in a row, this hallowed Japanese restaurant takes the top honor for raw fish. It's not only sushi and sashimi that win over the devoted clientele of in-the-know foodies. Cooked foods such as teriyaki and tempura also receive glowing notices. Portions are generous; ingredients are fresh, and everything is prepared with loving creativity. Best of all, the prices aren't inflated. At Sushi Ten, the quality and value go up to 11. Unfortunately for the regulars, though, each year brings more patrons to the small midtown restaurant.

Runners up: TIE

  • Sushi-Cho, 1830 E. Broadway Blvd., 628-8800
  • Sushi Hama, 3971 N. Oracle Road, 888-6763
Unclear on the concept: Denny's, one vote