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Best Sushi


READERS' PICK: When anybody mentions another sushi restaurant, our response is: "But have you been to Sushi-Ten?" Even our Japanese friends give unqualified shout-outs to this place's delicious rolls and sashimi as the closest to authentic in Tucson. Everything about this place sticks in your head like the latest infectious Top 40 melody. Just try and find a seat on a weekend night, we dare ya!

B-SIDE: Sushi-Cho, 1830 E. Broadway Blvd. Sushi-Cho is the place for rockin' rolls! With an unpretentious and laid-back atmosphere, this is a sushi place without an identity crisis--it's not trying to be a nightclub or a sports bar. It makes sushi. And does it well. The rolls are fresh and generously proportioned, so you get more value for your sushi dollar than elsewhere. The solid menu of Japanese favorites includes bento lunch and dinner specials, tempura and teriyaki, but it's the sushi that stands out here.