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Best Surprise Guest Appearance

The Trains

STAFF PICK: We'll never forget last spring when Wise Fool Puppet performed at Lucky Street, and in a magic moment of synchronicity just as the shadow puppets loomed into view to tell us the story of a Mexican family making a long train migration, the crossing gate for the tracks across the street began to ring. All through the sad story, the real train kept the shadow show company, first with its long sad whistle as the shadow family boarded the shadow train, then with the rhythmic momentum of metal wheels on the tracks as the story played itself out. And how about that great moment in the Cloudseeding Circus show at Mat Bevel when the incredible performer Monkeena did that poignant piece with the little bunny finger puppet about selling plasma, accompanied by the whistle of a slowly passing engine? Nearly every show at Solar Culture features a transcendent train moment. The train whistles and rattles bring us into place, and it's always great to see how the performers, especially visitors from other cities, respond to the sound of our city and incorporate it into their work.