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Trader Joe's

Reader's Pick: Imagine this, if you can: There are sizable cities scattered throughout the United States that do not have a Trader Joe's outlet. The San Diego-based chain has plans to get to them eventually. This is a good thing. While other corporations have cast the gloomy pall of globalism across the land, bringing cookie-cutter sameness and shoddy goods to Anytown, U.S.A., Trader Joe's seems to be committed to offering top-shelf, well-made comestibles, from kicking salsas to imported pastas, from king salmon to King Arthur flour. An added bonus: A basket full of groceries at Trader Joe's will set you back less than a comparable haul at the big chains. Pity those Joeless burgs, and see for yourself.

Readers' Poll Runner-up: Albertsons at Campbell and Glen.

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