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Trader Joe's

READERS' PICK: Frank Sinatra should've sung about Trader Joe's in the same way he unabashedly crooned for the Big Apple. OK, it's a national chain, but it started in little South Pasadena and in the last decade has grown to more than 134 stores in a suburb near you. But the one (or in Tucson's ever-expanding suburbanization, the three) near you feels so local. Why is that? Three words: "Customer Service" and "Product." TJ's hires smart, funky individuals (some even with green hair and pierced parts) who know how to add and subtract (they have to take a test first) and give directions, even leading you by hand, to the product in question. And every day is a sale. Every product, if you compare with similar ones at other national chain supermarkets (even, gasp, natural food stores and co-ops), is on sale. Cheaper (and yummy) products. Friendly staff. We love TJ's.

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