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Quincie Douglas Pool

This pool provides endless shrieking summer fun. It has built-in water toys that won't let you stop giggling, no matter what your age: a purple horse head that allows the operator to spray complete strangers with water; the highest, fastest, twistiest waterslide of any city pool; and our favorite, the buckets, a device that empties buckets of water onto bathers below. It's a wade-in pool; the depth starts at a toddler friendly 1-inch deep. There's a splash area with three play fountains including a pelican who spills water out of his beak. There are lawns, and three shaded picnic areas. Thanks to our new City Council, the price of a summer swim for a child has been rolled back from the Republican $1 to a Democratic 25 cents, allowing hundreds of low-income kids a safe, cool place to spend summer afternoons.

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