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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

The people at Fleming's aren't quite superheroes, but they do two things, very well, that most of us lack the skill and equipment to even attempt: 1) age beef properly, and then 2) cook said beef at temperatures that would melt brass. Aging beef without turning it into a science project requires weeks of controlled humidity and temperature to gently break down the meat's fibers. Cooking at an extreme heat of 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit instantly seals in those succulent juices. Voilá—the perfect steak. Fleming's offers a broad selection of cuts and sizes for carnivores of all stripes, as well as an ample wine selection to complement your meal. Non-steak entrées are available—but given the care that Fleming's has taken to enhance your beef-eating experience, why bother with those?

Runners up:

2. El Corral

2201 E. River Road


3. McMahon's Prime Steakhouse

2959 N. Swan Road


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